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Customize Your Safety Training

Your procedures, Your culture and Your needs are unique. When lower injury rates, excellent new hire orientations and consistent understanding of policies at all levels is the goal, Crucible Safety Media is the choice. Get results and deliver effective training designed specifically for the hazards and environment your employees experience.
You get better results and excellent ROI with our unique and effective delviery.

Our visual-story-first emphasis is specific and highly effective, holding audience attention with progressive narrative styles to improve retention of key concepts. Now you can raise the bar and support higher levels of safety, compliance and productivity.
Your custom safety video is right the first time with our double-value service.

Crucible Safety Media uses proven movie-making techniques combined with on-location direction by a Certified Safety Professional. With Crucible Safety Media, you get two services at the same time – ensuring your product is current and in compliance.
Custom Safety & Training Videos with Feature-Film Quality
Watch examples of Custom Safety Videos now in use by our customers.
Visit our Demo Gallery to see more custom training videos.

A Lockout Tagout Tryout overview for a Fortune 500 company's manufacturing facilities.

Run Time: 9 Minutes. Play Full Version (30:00 Min).
Year: 2007
Director: Leo Grinsteiner
Talent: Professional & Employees

A detailed lesson for Maintaining and Inspecting a BOP (Blow Out Preventer) on Gas Well Service Rig.

Run Time: 8 Minutes.
Year: 2009
Director: Leo Grinsteiner
Talent: Professional

A Health Care Facility orientation for construction contractors focused on productivity and infection control procedures.

Run Time: 15 Minutes.
Year: 2008
Director: Leo Grinsteiner
Talent: Tradesmen on Location.

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